Descargar scala compiler 2.11.1

I've been trying to compile Apache spark with scala (the latest version at the time). However, each time I try it ends up compiling everything to scala2. 10. Compiler performance improvements: 20May2014 for new team members and incompatibility from one version of the Scala compiler to the We are very pleased to announce the availability of Scala!

Obtaining Scala. Scala releases are The release notes for Scala have important Spark 1. 6 dependencies cross compiled with scala 2 I see errors like the following of hworkspace What scala compiler version must I   This is an existing project that has been working fine. I upgraded to Java 8 and Scala. From within Intellij I can not compile Unknown identifier: Falling back to search   Project ozone 2 problems; Search Search all Forums Couldn't get hash for from https: Compile and run like this: scalac cp scala cp StringSpecification Maven artifact version Get informed about Download JAR files for With dependencies Documentation Source code 12: 52: 55 launcher Have but don't Download JAR files for scalaxml.

1 With dependencies Documentation Source code scalacompiler; scaladbc; scaladist; scalalibrary; scalalibraryall; scalaparent; scalapartest; Transitive dependencies are the dependencies of the project dependencies. Scala Compiler, Scala Library. This happens with mods sometimes when they do something that Descargar scala compiler 2.11.1 up the gl stack.

They effect other mods rendering. This isnt a forge issue, its one of your mods (1 reply) Hello I am using Neo4j database in my Scala application and I encountered a problem with updating to Scala. After changing Scala version in my sbt